Stir Ven 19

Stir-Ven 19 is the little brother of Stir-Ven 22. All the ingredients that made the success of Stir-Ven 22 have been preserved: outstanding performances for a traditions inspired sailing boat, generous sails set, beautiful clinker-built hull (plywood) and heavy profiled centre-board (125 kg of cast iron).

We added a 240-litre liquid ballast (that can be replaced by lead ballast) to increase the stability. This is particularly valuable for those who want to sail solo or duo.
The large cockpit is ideal for day boating. It also offers generous storage space. In-shore sailing /Coastal navigation is also possible by installing a tent on the cockpit where two people can sleep. Note that a small cabin version is also available.

One meter shorter and 535 kg heavy (with empty ballast), Stir-Ven 19 has an increased usability.
Its flat bottom makes particularly easy to put it to sea on an inclined slipway and its simple rigging is set up in fifteen minutes. A trailer without brakes is acceptable.

Stir-Ven 19 has a self-draining cockpit while maintaining a full-width floor. The concept is based on two side-volumes of about 20 litres where the aboard water will flow.

The water is evacuated, either with self-bailers when speed is high enough or simply by gravity with the boat heel (upwind).

In case of capsizing, that must be considered, the space under the floor is flooded to allow an easy uprighting.

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